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Are you taking full advantage of your website?

Let IMS set Your Agency up for Success!

Valuable Technology for your agencies growth!

It is expensive to pay a web developer to create custom web forms for a website, plus you then have to re-key that information into a rater! Xanatek has developed forms specifically to meet the needs of your agency.
Once your prospect or client completes the form, it will be emailed to your agency. The completed form is dropped into IMS, which imports the form, populates the client and creates a task within IMS. No double entry or input mistakes!
Link to my agent along with Xanatak’s Rater – is a winning combination for the independent agent!


Each agency will have its own set of forms customized specifically for your need(s). Take a look at some of the forms:





Contact Us

Personal Auto Quote

Homeowner Quote

Life Quote

Commercial Quote

Policy Change


Submit a Claim

General Requests

Here is the great thing! We have based all of the forms upon ACORD™ standards. This means you should have all the information needed to produce a quick and accurate quote or service request.
• Vehicle Identification Numbers
• Driver’s License Numbers
• Claim Information
• Current Carriers
• And More!

For More Information:
If you would like to receive additional information on Link To My Agent from Xanatek, please contact your sales rep for the affordable pricing at 800-875-6033 or email

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