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Electronic Signatures for IMS Users

Xanatek has teamed up with InsureSign to deliver electronic signatures. InsureSign is one of the leaders in the industry offering you an easy way to obtain electronic signatures from your customers. Together we are now offering XanaSign! It’s secure, legal and EASY TO USE!

In today’s marketplace, insurance agents need a way to be accessible to their customers anywhere, anytime. XanaSign helps to make that possible. XanaSign is the easiest way to get a document signed by the insured instantly, regardless of their location.

Over 75% of insurance sales are initiated over the telephone. With XanaSign, you have the ability to get a signature immediately, when the insured is ready to purchase. You can also give your customers the added convenience of signing other documents at home as well, such as policy endorsements, no-loss statements, or any other document.

XanaSign allows you to assemble all the documents that the customer needs to sign and then send a link to the document. The customer simply clicks on the link, signs in their web browser, and the completed document is instantly sent back to you. The customer also gets a copy for their records.

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