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Call Center – Is a Cost-Effective Call Management Solution

Unique Benefits

Call tracking systems have been around for many years. They offer many features to efficiently track and analyze incoming calls, but have been cost prohibitive to many small-to-medium size corporations.

Xanatek has introduced the Call Center-an all-in-one call system that utilizes your incoming phone lines and links to the Insurance Management Solutions (IMS) software program. This powerful call tracking and reporting system will help increase the overall efficiency and productivity of your entire operation. And, it’s affordable!

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Requires User Documentation into your client files

Tracks Unanswered Calls

Reports Average Call Length

Reports Daily Call Load (total number of calls)

Logs Outgoing Calls

Tracks Number of Calls Per User

Tracks Transferred Calls to Voice Mail

Effective Management Tool

The Call Center provides a quick and easy way for managers to see a breakdown of calls over a specific time period. These reports can provide valuable information, including:

  • Number of Calls Per User
  • Client or Prospect Number of Missed Calls
  • Calls where the phone number is not Assigned to A Client/Prospect record
  • Call Length Per user
  • Total Call Time of a Client or Prospect

This information helps managers gain an insight into how to maximize phone call productivity within their office. Once the reports have been completed, they can be printed out or saved as a spreadsheet to be viewed at a later time.

Valuable Technology That’s Affordable!

The Call Center currently only supports analog phone lines and most Voice Over INternet Protocol (VOIP). Please consult our technical support department to verify the Call Center will work with your VOIP provider.

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