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At Xanatek We Offer Insurance Management Solutions (IMS)…One Product At One Price!

Have you been searching for a powerful, cost-effective agency management software program? Look no further! Insurance Management Solutions (IMS) by Xanatek is the solution you have been waiting for. It is designed by an insurance agent, specifically for insurance agencies, and helps increase office productivity.

Paperless Office
IMS provides the capability to effectively manage all of your customers, prospects, and carriers. There is no limit on the amount of space to store your data and documents. As your business grows, IMS will help increase the overall success of your business. Best of all, IMS is simple to use, very affordable and 100% supported by our tech staff!

Enhanced Information Access & Time Management Tools

IMS offers a wealth of features to help improve client and prospect management, reporting functions and appointment scheduling.

We provide a paperless office environment with the electronic document storage capability of IMS. Manage your documents easily and efficiently while allowing accessibility to everyone on your office network. IMS electronic document storage meets legal requirements.


IMS Features And Benefits

Client & Prospect Management — IMS contains a powerful database that allows everyone on the network to access client files quickly and efficiently. Notes, Polices, Tasks, Invoices, Receipts, Document Imaging, Letter Merge, File Attachment, Outlook Email Integration, Reporting, and many other features increase your workflow and reduce your Errors and Omissions exposure.

ACORD™ Support — We have an integrated module that provides access to all necessary industry forms, including state specific forms and we also offer many forms completely filled out from download. Acord Forms pull information from the Client Database and allow users to save template information for their clients. A holder list for certificates is available in a single function and those certificates can be printed to all holders.

eMessaging and eDocuments by ACORD™ are supported by IMS – If your carriers send you messages or documents, IMS can easily help you manage them.

Transformation Station™ / Real Time — Link directly to your carriers that support Real Time from IMS.

Carrier Policy — This convenient system puts current client information at your fingertips. It updates client files quickly and efficiently on a daily basis, and eliminates much of the tedious data entry.

Commission Downloads — No need to hand enter your commission statements! Carriers download directly into our system. If your carrier does not download, IMS can import a spreadsheet or you can enter it on our simple entry screen. You can also create producer payable reports! By bringing in your direct billed commission statements this way, we automatically produce reports for producer payables.

High Volume and Long-Term Document Imaging — If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to go paperless in your office. Document imaging along with our ‘print to image’ functionality makes this process a breeze. Access to these files is allowed by user name. Information is date, time, and name stamped for security.


Notes — Keep track of specific information for every contact, including phone calls, meetings, follow-ups, product information, etc. Notes are automatically date, time and name stamped. They are a permanent record and can only be appended with new information. Great for E&O back-up!


Policy Information — Individual policy details can be stored for each client. You can view a total account summary on one screen with information such as company name, policy number and type, policy period, policy codes and termination status. An advanced view provides the complete policy detail.
Online Scheduling

Networked Scheduling and Task List Capability — The IMS scheduler is a multi-user contact manager. You can assign client and prospect information to the scheduler and information can be transferred to either the Client or Prospect Databases for long-term storage. By placing all task information in one convenient location, it offers improved scheduling, time management and inter-office communication.

Prospect Management — IMS provides an efficient way to enter and store the same information in the Client and Contact sections for potential clients. A Notes section allows you to enter and maintain free-form notes about phone calls, follow-ups and meetings for each prospective client. You can also generate marketing letters and create follow-up reminders.


Choice of Cloud or Server — The Cloud version is accessible via the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Access IMS from anywhere in the world! For Server installs, IMS will be installed on your server and workstations – you OWN a license of the software. All data will be stored in your location ensuring you always have access.Reports — This section allows you to do mass mailings, labels, letters and much more. You can create your own marketing materials and merge them with the Reporting function to make mailings simple, efficient and economical. A simple interface will allow you to do a mailing to your customer list without creating duplicates.

Raters — IMS integrates with many comparative raters. Integration reduces duplicate data entry and provides a fast easy method to get multiple quotes. For a list of our comparative raters, please click here.

The Instant Message — This feature is just like many other popular instant messengers. You can send instant messages to anyone else on the system. This list is limited to the IMS users only. Users are not able to chat with friends outside of the network throughout the day.

Invoicing and Receipts — Create invoices and track your payments with IMS. Advanced accounting features coming soon.

Form Filling Websites — Fill any website with information from the management system! This eliminates keystrokes and makes quoting and other activities much easier.

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